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About Godfrey Racing Engines

About Godfrey Racing Engines

Godfrey Motorsports was established in 1991, though my passion for racing which dates back many years prior.  In the late 1980’s, I used my years of mechanical experience and talents to build many late model engines raced at Silver Springs Speedway, formally in Mechanicsburg, Pa.  After working with other motorsports teams, my father, Dana Godfrey, uncle, Ray Godfrey, and I created Godfrey Brothers Racing.  We worked as a team for years. With their help I was able to further my career and deepen my passion for the sport of racing.

In 2001, I started Godfrey Motorsports.  We accumulated numerous feature wins, at Silver Springs, Williams Grove, Selinsgrove, Port Royal, Susquehanna, and Lincoln Speedways.   In 2003, the team finished a close 2nd in both the Silver Springs Championship and the Sportsman Tour Championship.

In 2005, I established Godfrey Racing Engines.  I built an in-house chassis, duped the Termite, and won the last Silver Springs Championship and the 2005 Sportsman Tour Championship.  I also built our first 358 sprint car that we ran seven times with a feature win at Williams Grove.  In 2007, we had 10 feature wins and captured our first 358 Championship.  My next undertaking was a 360 sprint car, which competed in the East Bay Winter Nationals in Florida.

Godfrey Racing Engines has now been extended to include a totally self-sufficient racing shop, where virtually all machine shop services can be done in-house.  Recently, I relocated the machine and racing shops  into a 8,900 square foot building.  Which also houses a new, automated DTS Powermark Dyno and Dyno Cell.  I am continuously updating and adding new equipment and furthering my processes.

All facets of Godfrey Racing Engines are completed with quality and excellence in mind.  Customer service and cost are fundamental within my shop.  I am committed to the values that have helped me succeed; one on one service, competitive, fair pricing and components before and after the sale.


Troy Godfrey